multi million Amphi


David Derer

Planet of The Apes, Dr. Stranglove and Omega Man, all disprove the
theory of the multimillion dollar Amphi. The price of Amphis have had a
steady and pretty even rise with a faster rate since the Internet took
over. Has anything really changed since the Auction? Yes. People are now
looking at thier cars realizing they can enjoy them even with putting in
some cash in restoration. Knowing that a properly done car in todays
market will at least return thier investment. (or close enough) The
using of it has a larger value. Later Dave the Wave

ECR staff

Does one sale make "market value"?

I'm not selling, but someone on the list said it was the second sale
that sets the tone, and I agree.
Its good for those who have cars that the value is going up, but I
think it is jumping the gun to say that $100K plus for the resale of
a true restoration is "now the norm".

What if the BJ car was just 2 guys that "gotta have it", right then,
at that moment.

Market value is set by the "market", not just one result at one auction.
In my opinion.

Mike Smith

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