Mt Dora???

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Anybody heard how Mt Dora it went?
Hope to get a newsletter article
and some photos out of someone...

Also need some dates on the following:

Lake Mirror Classic, Lakeland, Florida ???
Boston - ???
Lake Cumberland, Kentucky - ???
Amphibious Vehicle Swim in Italy - ???
Texas - ???
Lake Macatawa, Holland, Michigan - ???
Rock River, Illinois - ???
Lake of the Ozarks - ???
Seattle, Washington -???

And if there are other Amphicar events
please let me know if you want them to
be listed in the IAOC newsletter.

Be well, swim safe.



--- In, "Amphipoda" <Amphipoda@...> wrote:
> Anybody heard how Mt Dora it went?
> Hope to get a newsletter article
> and some photos out of someone...
Mt Dora was an enjoyable side trip. The weekend weather was a litle
cool, especially by the water, but better than last year I was told.
It was sunny and I guess the cold front was impacting other parts of
the country even worse. But there were still plenty of people in
shorts. Friday, my dad, my sister, and I stayed on land and we walked
the show. He stayed in the warmth of my car and sold it a half dozen
times. The lake was rather choppy, so we stayed dry. Saturday morning
was a nice treat going up the Dora canal. Thanks to Gord, we entered
on the smooth side of the lake and make the short transition into the
channel. Even Dad (he's 93...) enjoyed the jungle cruise under the
canopy trees past all the cyprus knees, some wild life, including the
two legged canal residents armed with cameras. I hadn't used the
amphi heater in years, but after a little coaxing on the water valve,
dad managed to feel some warmth. At the end of the canal, the other
lake was pretty choppy so we just did a u-turn and came out the same
ramp we went in at. Gord and I made a little side trip into another
canal community that the map showed had a ramp, but could never find
that. But found lots of people armed to the teeth with cameras again.
Back at the first ramp, "Tommy the Train" was there huffing and
puffing on the tracks, so a lot of kids got to see amphis as well. In
the afternoon we did the short parade loop through town and back for
a splash in ... the usual couple of water wheelies, but then for the 3
1/2 hours of ride giving, took it calmer as we shouldn't disturb the
wooden boats. Some passengers managed to get a little wet, not from
the water entries, but as the chop out by the point pushed a few waves
over the side. And the red hat ladies were crazy taking charge of my
squirt guns and giving us a proper defense, but I told them that was
their job ... especially if the gator's got too close. It was a good
trip. I'll send ~Poda some pictures when I get them off the camera.

Al H