Mt Dora.

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Gord Souter

Re. Mt Dora.

Subject: Re: Mount Dora info needed

Hi Craig, If you want to get from Huston to Mount Dora it could take 16
It's spring
in Florida so we will swim at night both Friday and Saturday. Sunday will be
the weakest day, some of the upnorth guys will take off early. Tommy in

Gord Souter,Orillia, Canada.
Im heading down to Mt Dora FOrm Here.The driving time is 24hrs,
plan to leave about 8 or 9 days before the show and have asmall holiday and
will not leave to come back till monday not all the up north guys
My trip down will take me threw Buffalo New York,over to Pens.then south
threw vermont,norht and south carolinas ,georgia.etc..Plan to take my time
ging down so if any one wants parts delivered along the way I have over 650
differint amphi bits aval.Will be in a truck, with Amhi in tow,
so this is a good time to buy the heavey or bulky items and not have to pay
shipping. can also bring them to Mt dora. IF interested. Also Hugh Gordon
is making this meet.
so this will be a great time for you to meet the 2 parts Kings,,well maype
im only a
pond,in comparison.but I do have a few odd specialties,and will bring some
samples with me.
give me a hint of what you would like to see.(interior kits?floor mat
kits?,king pin spindle kits?)
For all you people that are not coming......YOU SHOULD
This has to be second runner up to Cellina only better cause its still
in the north and Mt Dora makes you fell worm all over.sure like to see the
58# beat.(WOW)
If i can get there from 2000 miles north(twice so far)people from near by
states should have no problem.(yes I understand Califoria is 3000 miles)
This year Im even making a special trailer(alum,)just for amphi.
If anyone wants my list of parts its on Microsoft xlt and can Email it.
1 67
I do not get all those adds you are always complaining about and was
wondering what you werte taking about till I was at Amphodias house in
Calaforina.Must have something to do with your severs.

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Re: RE: Mt Dora.

Thanks for the info, Gord. I think you know I am also a licensed commercial
pilot and interested in anything that flies, so I'll look Doug up for sure.
He is only about 125 miles away - that is closer than it was for you. Next
year, plan to swing by my place- I'll give you directions - right off I-4
four miles and on a main drag - very easy to find. It was really nice seeing
you at Mt. Dora. Vic "Splash" Nelson

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Re: RE: Mt Dora.

Gord- I erred- I hadn't printed out your letter, and thought you said Doug
was in Tampa. I see he's in DeLand which is 10 miles away so I'll contact him
pretty soon. Do you have his phone number and/or address? Thanks - Vic

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Gord Souter

On my recent 7000 KLM, loop to Mt Dora which took me From Orillia Ont. To
Gloria, in Mich, Daves in Ill.
Dans in Ocalla FL.Peter in Datona FL.
Then all the way down to Key West ( have a picture of Amphicar at southern
most marker)
My last stop being at Doug Karslen,s in Deland.Note Doug in on the last page
of May/June magazine
With his amphibian homebuilt air plane.( rides were exchanged)
The southern hospitality given to me and my friends from Canada during the
hottest part of the War was nothing short of great!!!!!!!!!!
Not a negative word anywhere was ever said of us or Amphicar
The show was great, spectatators were respectful and ever the owners of the
great wooden boats stood in line for a chance to ride in a Amphicar.
Yes I have found that in general,The antique boat clubs are a little more
upper class than me and Do not socialize with us at the breakfast at INN on
the Green etc. so who cares.
By the way,,, Victor should try and get ahold of Doug Karslen with camera in
hand and have a tour of his shop at the air port
Hidden away in the one corner is the ultimate AMPHI??????? All stainless
steel !
4 amphies

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Gord Souter

I hope to see you at Mount Dora. It looks like I'll have my brake situation
rectified in time to bring the "Split Personality" and with a bit of luck,
we'll have our 8th date in a row with perfect weather this coming March.
make your reservations early if you will be needing them. I'd suggest you
them soon.

Victor Nelson near

alto I and allot of friends are planning to come as of now we still do not
have a exact date of when it is going to be held this year..
My new price list with all the parts I just got is now finished and avail
on my web site( or I can Email it to you.

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Mount Dora's dates this year are March 17-20. It's earlier than usual this year because of the conflictingEaster date. Saturday, the big day, is March 19th.

See you there. Vic Nelson with the Split Personality

Gord Souter

Just booked my room AT the Inn on the Green for Mt Dora show In March 19.
all room the guy's blocked for us are gone but I still got one.
I think there is still 1 smoking room left.
I hope John Capone and Tom Jones and there ladies can make it down this
year,.We make a great trouble making group.My wife has said she will even
come down with me this year(1st time in the 6 years I have been traveling
Bringing parts with me is going to be a little more difficult than in the
past so get your orders in early. I will try and hold off a few weeks on the
price raising of interior kits
and remember we now have crests we can install on rear back rests. and if
you really want those plastic backboards in the doors we can do it that way
too but no guarantee.
Gord Souter,Canadian 4 amphs,
L3V 6H4

MY new phone # is 1 705 327 2820

I buy, sell and restore Only Amphicars
over 800 different parts for sale.
Interior kits and fibreglass panels my specialty!

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