Mt Dora time is coming up quickly!!! Please join us 3/ 21/2013

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
March 21st 2013- The first big swim of the year. Gators Amphicar will once again roll out the welcome mat. Meet ,eat and greet. Than swim up to Gators in Eustis for some libation. The weekend is than Officially started with details to follow.DSCN2322.JPGDSCN2272.JPG


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I should have my Fl. home, about 8 miles west by then.(with a pool, but will not be usuable this year,we have lots of fixing up to do)8.jpg
This photo was take 2 years ago and no one has lived in since then so a little gungy
but 2014 LOOK OUT!
Note the nice blue Florida skys, As this is Jan. 1st and its 6* burrrr,,, Heading Down Tomorrow!


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Hi Gord, nice pool but more important where is the garage or barn , the BIG workspace????????????????
Have a save trip.