Mt. Dora Magic


John Friese


The morning canal run at Mt. Dora was amazing. I was so amazed that I
didn't take many pictures of it. If anyone has good ones, I'd
appreciate them sending them to me directly at

If you found the morning run amazing, the night run made on Saturday
night was REALLY spooky. Doug Parsons and the Solheims were the brave
captains that ran the canal at about 1 AM on Sunday after running
another canal that was another great find. I'm sure nobody was able
to take pictures of that night run but the images are burned
permanently in my mind.

I certainly appreciate being allowed to stow away on these voyages.
Toni and I were with the Solheims on the daytime parade run and night
run and Dave Monier on the morning run. I thank them sincerely. I
feared the trip to Mt Dora, without a car, might be like going to the
prom without a date but the hospitality of the Amphicar people made
that fear vanish and we really had a great time.

We then traveled to Sarasota to visit a friend and then to Key West,
where we ran into Tommy, Lynn, Bob and Donna while walking down Duval
St. We had visited Tommy before Mt. Dora to install one of my clutch
kits but didn't expect to see them after the show. What a surprise.

John Friese
Santa Barbara, CA

67 White
67 Red