Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


Dave Derer

I need to replace one of the tranny mounts.
Before I get into it... are there any tricks to doing
I do not have access to a cherry picker or rafters to
the tranny

No tricks. These mounts suck. Use an additional method of support. The
Germans have the set of bolts, so does Gord. Chain type auto stores have
urethane sway bar bushings for under 20 bucks. Stick a trimmed down
bushing underneath the mount itself as support. Then use another under
frame support with bolt through top of trans. Holds trans down and helps
eleminate noise. Looking forward to seeing Amphi raised video. Later
Dave the Wave

Steve Behnke

I have heard a lot of stories on this forum about the tranny mounts coming
apart because of the upward force. But do not remember anything about
tranny mounts collapsing. New mounts were put in my car about 10 years
ago...but not many miles/hours on them. At some point the passenger side
started to collapse... I recently discovered this... it's now sagging about a
quarter to half inch compared to the other side. I have a bolt through from
the top all the way through the bottom frame to protect from the upward force.
But never considered adding a bushing between the mount and the frame
till now when Dave the Wave mentioned it.

Several people told me they have never seen a mount collapse... anyone else
have one do this? Tonight it's off to the parts store for some bushings as Dave

Marc... Good idea to include Nicole in the repair... she loves to spend time
w/Amphi and me.

Thanks to all for their input on this,