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Mothers Day Romp

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The weather was perfect, picked up Billy Syks crew and all five of us
headed to the Tuckahoe river. What a site to see on the highway, five
Amphi's in a row. We headed to the ramp and down river to a neat
private beach with the owners permission, had lunch. ran the dog,
soaked up some sun, then off to cruise again. Billy picked up a
passenger at the dock for a ride she'll never forget. Then all five
pulled into the drive way of , Sweetwater Casino, we emptyed the
resturant. Materdie was not to happy, we didn't care. After another
short swim we returned to have an excellent meal. With all the tops
down, Mother nature had her day with a brief but heavy downpour.
Returning to eat, soaked to the skin and freezing in the air
conditioned room, had desert and left to cruise again. By now the
tide had changed so the return to the other side of the river was a
slight challenge. We returned, tired but elated about the day. My
friends wife, a cancer survivour, was beside her self. Having been a
stay at home treatment, did not get out much. Her commenet was, "When
can we go again". Many thanks to Billy & Randy for their kind
Hospitality. Looking forward to our next adventure. Pete & Emily