Mothballs vs Dryer Sheets


B Crombie

Greetings All,
Speaking of winterizing, this past week two friends of mine brought over a boat
and a car to store in my shed. The first to arrive was the car. Scattered
throughout the interior he had placed fabric softening dryer sheets. I asked
him what they are for and he claims they keep mice away. Hmmm...never heard of
that I told him. I've always used mothballs. A couple days later the boat
arrives with the same thing. Dryer sheets thrown about the floor. Again I
mention mothballs. He tells me he would rather smell the dryer sheets next
spring than mothballs. I agreed.
I was wondering if anyone else has heard of the dryer sheet technique or have
another method (short of cats) to keep mice at bay?

Brian Crombie
' 64 Euro-Amphi with a fresh coat of Fjord Green!

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Hello, I use Irish Spring soap, cut up in a dish. It seems to work . Good
luck, Mark Amsdill Blue 62 Dexter Mich.

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