More Website Woes



Very early this morning I renewed the Club website's domain name of for three years with the same folks that have been handling
its registration since 2001, so you can just imagine my surprise and delight
to discover that they've inexplicably decided to "placeholder" the domain on their own website with one of those "Coming Soon!"
webpages instead of just continuing to point folks who type ""
in their browsers to the correct servers, where we actually host the
website. I certainly did not ask them to do this. All I did was fork over
the $25.65 fee to cover the next three years.

So, just in case anybody needs it, the site's actually alive and well at its
"alias" base address of , but anyone looking
for "" is only going to see that stupid placeholder page for
the next 24 to 48 hours while the registrar's domain name servers
"propagate" to correct the error. Similarly, any email messages sent to any
"" address for the next day or so are likely to just get
bounced back as undeliverable.

Yes, they are very sorry, and the problem's been fixed, but there's
apparently nothing they or we can do but wait for the machines to cycle
through with the correction.

So remember: if you need the Club's site today or perhaps tomorrow, go to

If you wanna know how I feel about it all, crank up those speakers and visit