More Trailer Talk


Arnold Hite


You asked about small boats on single axle trailers. I'm not sure
about small boats, but my 20 ft inboard/outboard weights about 2000
pounds. It came stock with a single axle trailer. I've had the boat
for 10 years. For me single axle trailers are better. Single axle boat
trailers are much easier to maintain since going in and out of salt
water rusts anything not galvanized. Trailer brakes are also useless
after a couple seasons since it's impossible to get all the salt out of
While the Amphi trailer doesn't have the salt problem, I still
prefer it. I own several boats and an Amphi. I often muscle these
trailers around in my yard and in my garage. Double axle trailers are
almost impossible to steer by hand. Additionally I'm probably one of
the few Amphi owners that doesn't also own a big monster SUV or truck.
The extra weight of the second axle makes a difference to me.
This trailer axle debate seems kind of silly to me. I appreciate
everyone's concern about safety. In fact, I agree that double axle
trailers are safer. But, I don't feel particularly unsafe with my
single axle. To me it seems much more likely that my Amphi will sink,
or catch fire, or maybe my Jeep Cherokee will over heat. I've had a few
trailer failures over the years. Every one was terribly inconvenient,
but I never felt I was in danger. Some have argued that double axles
are better at 80 miles per hours. Sure, and I'm willing to yield to you
as you go past. Even with the light trailer, my rig can barely pass 65.

Arnold, Johns Island, SC

>.. does anyone know how much a small boat of say 12 ft
>weighs that use the single axle type boat trailer? This may give us a better
>regarding a single axle trailer. So , if a small cruiser weighs about 12 to
>1500 pounds, a single axle trailer
>for an Amphi just may be the way to go.
>Just my 2 cents worth. BTW, thanks to all who shared clutch, water pump and
>throw out bearing data. This is the data we all need to keep our critters
>going. Keep up the good work and please keep sharing your experiences. Chuck
red 62
>in the water
>wonderland, MI