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Hi Everybody,
I just sent a message about paint, but I thought I'd ask a couple more
questions, too. I will be at Celina (Sat. only) to pick up parts from
Hugh Gordon and while I'm there, I'd like to videotape the inside of
several engine and trunk compartments for reference when I'm putting
mine back together. Mind if I take a picture of yours? Also, my
brother and his wife and 3 boys (ages 3-7) talked of going too. Anyone
offer to take some rugrats out on the lake? I made that 2003 Celina
Video for the club and my nephews watch it a lot so they LOVE
amphicars. Maybe I could bribe you with a DVD-R copy of the Celina
video to take the kids for a ride if they do come.

I know I'll have many more questions in the coming couple of months.
My car is an early (#101244) "1964" white Amphi (thinking of painting
it red, sorry) that shows 25 miles on the odometer. I know it was not
registered for street use from 1973 to 2005 when I bought it. The
previous owner claimed that the original owner died soon after buying
it and the widow never drove it until the guy bought it in 1973 and he
let it set for 32 years. My Dad thinks it sat outside for some of
those years due to the faded gages and rust. But mostly it's just
surface rust, though the chrome is sorry looking. (Any opinons on
rechroming one piece bumpers and door handles etc. versus buying new?)

Engine turns with a wrench (missing carburetor) and my Dad thinks
clutch plate looks barely used due to being worn only on high spots (it
is 0.325 inches thick but not a lot of material before it wears to
rivets, is that common on old clutch plates?)

There are no holes for license plates in back--should there be, or
could car have only been driven in water, not licensed?

Any opnions about using all stainless steel brake lines (what type does
Hugh sell?) of having wheel cylinders resleeved with brass or stainless
or using stainless steel screws averywhere?

Thanks for any advice!

Jim Bihari

Mike Israel


Welcome. A good place to start would be the list archives at
Many of your questions have been discussed in depth. You will find
recommendations for cylinder resleeving (yes, do it) and much more.

Mike I.
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