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Arranged to meet Mermaid (wife) at the lake
for spicy bean-n-cheese burritos in Amphi
on the water. Granted, a modest dinner, but
hey the view was so nice. Noticed a big camera
on shore pointed our way. Turns out we were
the back drop for a live weather report on
local channel 8 (CBS) news. Reporter flagged
us over and bummed a ride for the next weather
segment. MASSIVE SPLASH ENTRY not caught on
film, but we did a shoreline broadcast with
setting sun behind us... Amphi was so proud.
Weather dude was pretty impressed too. He said
something like, "This one goes in my greatest
hits file." Mermaid is camera shy but managed
a few smiles and waves. Hope the general public
didn't see that hot sauce stain on my shirt.

Amphipoda & Mermaid
1964 Turquoise
Sunny San Diego, CA


Congrats on the coverage!
Wish I had known.
I'm up in LA. on business again I think I have your channel 8 on the hotel


Amphipoda wrote:
> Turns out we were
>the back drop for a live weather report on
>local channel 8 (CBS) news.