more parts on list.


Gord Souter

My parts list of Amphicar parts just keeps growing.
I have gotten so heavy into Amphicars that this year I am not going to run
the marina or rent out Houseboats(really I just needed to slow down or have
a heart atack)Because of this I am giving up the houseboat phone number. my
new number for parts and repairs,buy and sell cars is 1 705 327 2820. You
can call 7.30 am till 9pm eastern generally 7 days a week but am going as a
passenger to Sun and Fun Fl. in a fiends homebuilt 4 place(200 phone Monday
till Sunday 18th.
If you would like my list email me today or I will send it when I get back.
sent out to most already today.
some new parts with real good prices are. a horn that fits in ours, same
bolt pattern , even has a chrome bezel that looks good,vent window levers,
rear brake flex lines,,sun visors,,,front wheel cly. kits.,,rear wheel
cly,,Church keys(for opening our trunk)interior mirrors.headlight pot
ass.and a couple of master cylinders that don't need the shaft ground!
I have had quite a run on people wanting to sell there cars(I have 3 for
sale in Orillia) so if you want to buy one let me know and I can put you on
to them.
Canadian 4 amphs (twelve here now)

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