More on the new Amphibious Car from GB


Bill Connelly

The online article about the new British amphibian linked in the posting far
below by Arthur is a little light on real details and has no photos. Just
in case anyone's got a hundred grand lying around and is really curious, the
same Kevin Eagling developing the new amphibian placed the following posting
to the French "Annonces d'amphibie" amphibious classifieds page at last June. I suppose one could
always email him directly for more details on the project. ~Bilgemaster~:

" Amphicar wanted. Must be in good condition and
full working order.
Please contact Kevin Eagling - Tel : +44 2476 388828 - Fax: +44 2476
388868 -
Gibbs Technologies Ltd - Avenue Road - Nuneaton - Warwickshire - CV11 4LY
UK "

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From: Arthur Skuja

The new amphibious car does look a lot like the Aquastrada. More
information at:

Have fun at Celina! Wish we were're lucky Mark, my wife is not
ready to let the twins go for their first Amphi ride.
Maybe next year.

Arthur Skuja

Red 62 (White Fins)