More on Speedvision tapes / Jack handle / Main. Manual on CD


John Bevins

To anyone who sent me money (Thans again!) Please let me know if you
need it now (X-mas gift) or want to wait until I can (hopefully) add
the latest Speedvision re-run from TNN to the Ripley's and My Classic
Car. To give you more bang for your buck!


Does anyone know what the correct jack handle looks like? Maybe have
an extra for sale?


I am about 75% done with converting the Maintenance Manual to PDF
format and putting it on CD with the parts manual. It is completly
scanned, I am now proof reading for typos and such and reformatting.
I am formatting it so it will fit on 8 1/2" x 11" pages when printed.
Any suggestions?

Yes, I am still working on the schematics as well. I have redrawn all
the pictures from scratch and in full color. I have to divide my
already scarce spare time between the two so they don't begin to
sound like work!

My plan is that the schematic will only be available to Amphicar-
Owners club members via a password protected page as an incentive to
join the club.