More on Hand controls...


Cap''n John

About 12 or so years ago I came into a bit of money. Not enough to
retire on, but enough to buy a Harley and a nice Mickey Mouse
watch. :) So I bought a '88 FLHTC and parked it next to my front
door. This was so I would have to see it every day. That was 13,000
reasons to get it figured out. I added the sidecar so it wouldn't
fall over much like the guy on Laugh-In on the trike. :)

My room mate had his own shop and volunteered a corner for me to work
on the bike controls. I had some rules I wanted to adhere to. These
being that all stock controls should appear and operate as normal in
thier stock positions. A minimum amount of permanent mods to be made.
IE - No drilling holes in the bike unless necessary!

I worked every eve until 10 to midnight doing R & D. This is NOT
research and development, it is remove and destroy! After about a
month of working, the box of parts that don't work was getting full
but the hand controls were functioning. The true test was endurance.
Yes, they work, but how relaible will they be? My 1st ride on a bike
in 16+ years was to finally happen! I pushed her out into the rain
for the "quick" ride around the block. Two and a half hours later
(yup, still; raining, no coat, no rain gear) I came back one very wet
but happy guy! They worked flawlessly.

The next week I decided that a motorcycle endorsement (license) would
be advised. I took the bike down to the DMV (we love the DMV) to take
the tests. Oh boy, what a problem this was. The computer would not
let them add the motorcycle endorsement because my license had a -06
restriction (hand controls) on it. Seems I was the 1st guy to do this
in Colorado. After some trial and error, they figured out if they
put "other" down and say "sidecar" that it would allow it. Since then
I have managed to get them to correct that error and now handicapped
motorcycle plates are available here in Colo. I don't have them as my
plate already says "HD GIMP" on it! The plate frame is made from the
Harrington rods that were along my spine for 13 years.

My next ride was 1300 miles through 5 states. That very bike (and
controls) gave me 30,000+ miles trouble free. I sold it to a young
lady who put an additional 25,000+ miles on it. She rides it still
today in LA. So, the reliability issue seems to be OK. If anyone sees
a BEAUTIFUL blonde on a red Harley with a sidecar and a wheelchair,
that would be Gretchen.

I have since set up about 25 bikes (several makes) for people in 4
countries and a dozen states. I ended up abandoning the patent due to
insurance liability costs. Thanks Mr. Insurance Company. Now I refer
anyone to the patent number and give them advice as needed. It was
written up in many magazines and newspapers. Featured on radio and
television as well.

I hope the controls in the Amphi give me as good as service as the
motorcycle does. I drove her around town this weekend. There are yet
more tweaks to be made. I feel confident that it will be worked out
soon. Best of all is that when the gray trunk boards are installed,
the system is totally hidden. Only the mechanism under the dash is
visible. All stock Amphi controls work by hand and foot too.

Just like with the Harley, I spent all this time and money restoring
the car THEN doing the controls. Yup, bass ackwards, but like I said
before, INCENTIVE! I am usually told I can't do something after have
already done it.

John Bevins

"Nothing is impossible, man is incapable" - Simon Bolivar
(Venezuela's 1st president)