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victor brown

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i posted this another place....I still have this Amphibious Camper i built...It funny cause i see that new fancy one... this was a kind of floating trailer work boat that someone with a canadian phone company built .. the bottom shell with axle...the story how i found it is too long to write but its really good...i found most of the amphicars i bought because i drove them everyday all winter . used to blow snow with the propellers people were always coming up to me and telling me of ones they knew about hidden somewhere.....I used to go on old goose chases .. Then on day i got smart and a truck driver told me about one in a boondocks town in kentucky .. and he knew the chief of police there so we called him up and he tracked it down.. so then i did that a few times more some one would say theres a gas station in louisianna thats got two out back for 30 years.. And i would call the police department and they would track the cars down for me....what i went thru to find and get this amphibious camper bottom was a book... this story i can remember ...Any way I've been digging thru old boxes at my brothers finding photos..everybody has lots of photos from those amphicar years... and i still have that amphi camper it makes a great moving trailer also... its so light i used it hauling huge loads with a vw golf... it really didnt slow the amphi down that much..even in the water there wasn't much drag at all... I lived in that thing.. i built a raised platform Thats the pictures of the wood in the bushes i kept it for a pattern...I build that platform for a bed with storage under and a big battery and water and a little chem toilet....and had a 12volt cooler and coffeepot and even a 12volt blender... The top i designed so it can fold down in two halves with all mesh and vinyl windows.. or you could take it off and had a little wind and water shield....i used to pull up and anchor right off campgrounds for free and use their facilities ...i used to go to boston and new york and camp out in the city....The other day i just saw an amphibious camper boat for a bicycle .. were you could urban camp with it pedal it anywhere in the city find some water and hang out....anyway i will attach some photos of my camper...there was another amphi person and i don't think it was Hugh that wanted to borrow it to make a mold....











victor brown

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i built a tow bar that clamped on to the swim bars and i made a plate that i bolted on the top.. because the first time i took it in it was shooting up a 15ft rooster tail it was so cool.. that i didn't weld the plate on top to block the space i drilled and bolted it so i could take it off and make big rooster tail.. from a distance it looked like you were going fast..


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Kayak.jpg I found a picture of the amphibious camper while going through some pics of my own. Had some good times on that lake. You could clearly see the bottom of the lake at 30 foot depth. Can you get sand?