More (and longer) Microcar adventures scheduled at Gould's Classic Event in only 19 D


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Gould's Thirteenth Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic Event is now only 19
days away, and the registrations are pouring in. As of this date, we have over
100 guests pre-registered, with over 60 cars, and we expect many more to
register between now and the July 11 start date. We have persuaded the Sheraton
Needham Hotel to add some additional rooms to our reservation block, so if you
haven't reserved your room yet, now is the time to do it.
You can book your rooms here:
or here:
If you have any problems getting your room reservation, contact Nancy or
Charles at, and we can book it for you manually.
As many of you know, this event includes many European style driving tours,
and each year, we try to flex our little cars a little farther, in an effort to
encourage people to actually drive their little cars. We start with a tiny
eight mile round trip tour, and then work our way up to a fifteen mile round
trip, and then a thirty or forty mile round trip, culminating with a 60 to 80
mile round trip on Sunday. Each year, the owners and drivers are thrilled to
learn that their little cars can easily and reliably be driven these distances,
and each and every tour is optional, so those who have not gained the confidence
from the shorter tours are not required to take their cars on the longer
tours. They can opt for the Gould's Seats & Asses Program (SAP) instead.
We have extremely capable and qualified mechanics (Gould's Certified Roadside
Assistance Program "CRAP") on board for each and every tour, and a large ramp
type trailer and retrieval vehicle within a reasonable distance for any
breakdowns that cannot be easily repaired by the roadside. We also work diligently
to get everyone's cars repaired before the next activity, so that in most
cases, nobody misses any of the tours.
In preparation for the event, we set out yesterday on a shake down run to
Mount Wachusett. We had four cars, including me in my Fiat Multipla (I had
originally set out in my KR200, but developed carb and gear problems, so I swapped
out to the Multipla), Nancy in her Little Gray Mouse (1953 Austin A30), Chris
Wider in his Vespa 400, and Bruce Lundeen in his 1970 VW Transporter.
It was a gorgeous day, mostly sunny, with a few spits of thundershowers, but
overall a very nice cool day for wringing out the little cars. We drove a 110
mile roundtrip, including a 2.5 mile ascent up the actual mountain road. Mount
Wachusett, is a very small mountain (a micro-mountain, so it is an
appropriate destination).
Once we reached the summit, we were in the low clouds, and the views were
great, but not completely as clear as they might have been on a clearer day.
Still, it was a great sense of accomplishment, and we all went home very satiated
after a nice lunch at the Mountain Barn restaurant, where we were attended by
a very cute proprietor, which made me very happy!
We all had a great ride, with no serious problems whatsoever. The drive home
was delightful, as it was mostly downhill, with cooler weather, and nice open
country roads with little or no traffic.
It was a huge sense of accomplishment to ascend the mountain, and I am
curious how many of you did the mountain climb in New Jersey with Bruce Baker, and
how it felt to you guys.
I am particularly curious how the Isettas and Messerschmitts performed on a
long steep climb road.
I would also like to know how many of you would participate in this event if
it was presented as an optional tour of 100 miles (round trip) with a short,
small, mountain ascent. There would also be an option to drive with us to the
mountain, but to wait at the base, or at the restaurant (with the cute
proprietor), or to leave your car at the base, and ride with another more adventurous
driver in a car that would climb the mountain. A third option would be to ride
the ski area chair lift to the mountain summit to be with the rest of the
group at the top. This chair lift option would have a small fee (probably $10.00
per person for a round trip ticket), and the fee for each car would be $5.00.
I don't want to schedule this activity unless we have enough adventurous
souls to take the trek.
Please let me know your thoughts on this particular activity.

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