Monroe / Kimpex Shocks

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Ken ''KD'' Roy

I just bought the following "replacement" shocks for my 67 Amphi.
They both come with coil springs.
Monroe 58253 for the front $109/pair
Monroe 58620 for the rear. $132/pair
The front ones seem a lot lighter duty & are a little too long.
If you theaded the top shaft another inch, they may work.
The bottom ones were an inch too long.
If you would cut the top loop off the new one, thread the shaft, then use
the loop for the old one, it may work.
Well, I'm not brave enough to try this, but if anyone is, let the rest of us
I have a pictue of the old ones next to the new ones,
so if anyone wants to see them, just email me at & I'll
send it to you.

What do we think of trying to get the Kimpex shock people to adapt theirs to
our needs?
Any volunteers??
They're based in New York & their phone # is 1-800-777-7073.
I talked to a guy named gary at extension 208.
If you look at their WWW.KIMPEX.COM website under snowmobiles,
see page 416, picture-B for #04-268 rear
see page 417, picture-F for #04-258 front

Till later.....
Ken Roy
Oakdale MN 55128

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