Modified transmission mount bolts



Finally got around to fabricating those modified bolts to securly hold down the
front of the
transmission. These are the extra long M12 bolts that have about 1/3 of their
end turned
down to M10 diameter so that they protrude through the mount and capture the box
frame below in rubber bushings. This precludes any possible upward movement of
front of the transmission due to engine torque or road bounce.

Even with fairly new transmission mounts I was experiencing the frequent
bouncing shift
lever syndrome along with an occasional dreaded fan strike. Problem solved!
Shift lever is
rock solid now and haven't heard any fan strikes.

I think these mounts do much more to hold our engine/transmissions in proper
place than
one would think. Because the two engine mounts at the very rear of the engine
located so close together, any rotational torque is transferred to the
transmission mounts.
These mounts are designed to hold a down force. Upward force tends to separate
rubber from its mounting ring. I saw that on one of my transmission mounts
where the
rubber was no longer bonded to the ring and could easily be pushed out by hand.
still function well to hold weight so with the addition of the modified bolts
and rubber
capture bushings they were placed back in service. Another sign of adverse
torque to look
out for is on the air cleaner where it can strike the light pole bracket on the
hood above.
Excessive torque cannot be good for those all important tunnel boots either.

I feel these transmission bolts are a good modification. No difference in
appearance is
evident and they're easy to install. Kudos to the originator of the design.

If there's enough interest in the design perhaps someone would like to make a
available. Hugh, Allan?

Happy boating,
Ken Chambers, CA
'64 Red