Modern Marvels Update



Got this "Dear John" letter and as
promised I am passing it along to
my fine finned friends.

"John <a.k.a Amphipoda>-

What can I say? I'm as disappointed
as you are that the show didn't air
as scheduled on the 2nd. I wish I
had a reason as to why it didn't air
or a new air date to give you. Until
I hear further I would suggest checking
out the History Channel website at under Modern Marvels
to look for an air date. I cannot send
you a VHS copy of the show until it
airs. I will be in touch.

Scott Goldie
Associate Producer
Actuality Productions"


So there you have it... I will keep you
posted as I hear further. I KNOW it will
be worth the wait - 5 Amphis, 6 amphibians,
and one hellva good time caught on film.

'64 Turq.
San Diego, CA