Bill Connelly

OK, so it's NOT really amphibious, but don't you WISH that the feisty little
Israeli 1960 "Susita" plastic pickup prototype being auctioned on eBay at
were a swimmer?

After all, the auction text positively gushes with a fun-filled verve that
makes me, for one, want to blurt out a hearty seaman's "AHOY HERE!" or
ejaculate a Melvillesque "THAR' SHE BLOWS!" in heartfelt passion. Here's a
taste of the auction's text:

"The vehicle that presented to you is a Israeli "Susita" Pickup truck. It
was manufactured in Israel, as a prototype of a truck that a year later
built - but in different shape. This truck was built by hand job..."

...While further down we learn that:

"8 yeas ago the truck was under a serious overall"