Mixing it up with the Seaplanes


4 brave NW Amphis descended on Lake Goodwin this past weekend to participate in a "Splash-in" with the Seaplane Pilot's Assn. Although there were fewer seaplanes than expected ($7+ aviation fuel could be a contributor) the Amphicars had a GREAT time eating, drinking, swimming, sharing stories, and giving rides.

One of our hosts, Jerry Sorenson, made a cute 3MB slideshow video of our antics (taking some liberties) which I have posted on the Mount Baker MG Car Club Website, which I host. Take a look at http://www.mbmgcc.org/amphivideo/Gilligan's%20Island.wmv

We are all actually OK (in case you were worried)!


Ron Green

Nice work! Cool video. Looks like fun and if you have a decent picture of a amphi alongside a seaplane send to Keith for the W&W.
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