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Missing Engine


Mike Echemann

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<font face="Arial" size="2">Has anyone got any tips to lend. It seems my green car knows when Celina is coming up and always has a issue for me to deal with. Friday night Chris and I were at a cruise in and on the way home the engine started missing. I've reset the points to be sure they were correct then pulled a plug and found the contact black with fresh carbon. I'm guessing if I clean them it will run fine but that won't solve the problem. The plugsprobably only have a hundred miles on them. The car only has a couple of thousand orignial miles and otherwise runs fine.</font>

<font face="Arial" size="2">Last week I replaced the exhaust and had the manifold off. I noticed there was a bit of gas laying in the manifold when the carb came off too. Am I running torich? Can anyone lend a few tips on how to adjust the carb to correct this. I rebuilt it a year or so ago and it runs fine with no blowing smoke.</font>

<font face="Arial" size="2">Thanks for any help.</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">Mike</font>

Moses Scott Civ 22 LG

Let me see. The fuel in the manifold, is caused by the float valve in
the carburetor from not closing all the way. Next time the engine is
hot, remove the air filter. When you shut the engine off, look inside
the carb. I bet you see fuel dripping into the manifold. Some work
better than others (drip less). I also leaned my carb fuel mixture by
changing to a smaller fuel jet and a larger air jet. The engine runs
leaner and has better power but the engine also runs a little warmer. As
for the miss fire problem, change the condenser. I was sitting at a
light on my to work. I pushed on the gas and the car almost stalled. I
had to just lightly touch the gas to get out of the intersection. Points
and plugs were good, wires and coil were good, had good spark. It just
wouldn't go. Finally changed the condenser and that was that. Now I
carry a spare.

Scott Moses

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