Misc stuffola...



Left work early to go pickup the starter at the rebuilders. Got there
thurs afternoon to find out he never even looked at it! He said he
could have it next week sometime. I left with it and took it to
another hole in the wall shop in hopes they would have the parts so I
could rebuild it myself. They had a new starter on the shelf since

Got home to find my water pump from Hugh waiting for me. My pump was
leaking and making the typical noises from the innards going bad. I
got the starter and pump installed thurs night.

Spent about 15 hours in the water over the weekend, as always a blast!

Tommy - We all love and respect Hugh and his parts are usually decent
quality, but I have had my share of parts from him not as advertised
("Original Amphicar" was listed for the horn neck, but I got 5" piece
of roughly cut radiator hose for $8 and my $178 hood lens was beyond
poor). I think he is getting better due now to the competition.

I don't have email at home so any emails sent to me will only be seen
at work.