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Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown



Amphipoda formally requests
more amphibians cast votes
for the Amphibian of the Year!
Please go to "Polls" folder
and cast-a-way (no pun intended).
Vote for as many as you want,
vote early, vote often... just
please vote. Need 50 votes
to make this legit. Thanks!

Local lake (Miramar) has been
closed since Oct. 2002!!! It
was drained 25% for repairs. My
Amphi has been so pissed that
we can't carry on a normal
conversation before the all
the bitching and moaning starts.
I take a gander at the lake after
work yesterday and found it is
100% filled... but still closed
with no estimate on re-open date.
If my fins had fingernails... I'd
bite them off at the roots to
know the re-open date.

Starting to really get psyched
for Celina. Going to have MY
Amphi there for the first time!
Reckon the town will NEVER be
the same after everyone sees
my Amphi's bilge pump squirt
30 feet into the air.

And to Dave the Endless Wave;
Rock River with Dave... you'll
never know how close I came to
attending your event. My bags
packed, boss said, "Get back to
work or don't come back to work."
So I'm at work. %#&$!!!

Be well, Swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA