Minnesota Amphis on the Today Show 8:22am EDT 7/31 MAYBE


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Just got word from the producer that they MAY be airing the segment that the Today Show (NBC) shot with the Minneapolis WetWheels Amphicar Club about 10 days ago. They sent a crew from NY to spend a day with us on the water. We got all six cars out (total membership, since 1988), on a pretty nice Minnesota summer day. The wind was up, so we chose a small lake to do the shoot on.
I JUST got an email from the producer, stating that they were HOPING to air the 1:30 min. segment at 8:22am Eastern tomorrow, 7/31 Wednesday. Sorry for the short notice, maybe some of you are early risers like I am.
Mark Lellman
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OK, the NBC Today Show segment DID air this morning.
Don't miss the back of my head as well as my dash goldfish and fish bone. I was the "gear" car, hauling the sound guy, and the crazy video guy around. It was a fun outing!
You can watch it online with the link below:

Amphicars navigate both land and sea

For many people, summer is all about hitting the water. In an Amphicar, you can do it without ever having to leave your car. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren takes a spin in the vehicle that is part boat and part car, manufactured in Germany for just a few years in the ‘60s.



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It air'd in Ontario on a local station, I did not see but watched on internet.
Mother in law said the local newsperson made a coment we need something like that here...(rain flood) As if they did not know I exist.
Few years back there local camerman did a 3min. vidio on me and aired it, (short memoery)
Even the DJ on that clip needs more info. they stated there was only one parts supplyer in Cal. Hey... what about ME!


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Minnesota lakes, around the Twin Cities, were a little late this year. I think we were well into May before they became navigable. But, Amphis do well on ice too you know.
Gord, I'm sorry about the "slight", but, the guy who gave the reporter that incorrect information, has never bought a part in his life. Only his mechanic knows where the parts come from. I tried to correct it, but I could tell the NBC crew liked the monopoly parts concept. Anyone in the know, knows you have parts as well.
I was already contacted by the local NBC affiliate. They want to do a piece NEXT summer. I guess they are full up with boat car segments for this season, which is rapidly vanishing.