Mini Hot Rod Power Tour

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


David Derer

Friday morning about 9 am , a group of crazed gear heads, with combined
fuel economy average of 3 mpg. Will be stopping by the Sabula
campground. People are now going out of thier way to make My day. In
summary 10 - 75 Amphicars ,7 boat ramps, 25 muscle cars, 30 packs, 3
story high bar-where (on the third floor) You can find religion, buy a
beer and get a tattoo. Bar Maids and bikers. 1 haunted house and a
showing of Cotton Pickin Chicken Pickers. Maybe even a London fashion
mag will visit. (Where is My matching yellow outfit?) That's right kids
burned it. I wish I would of got this going a decade ago when I could
stay up past 9 pm!!!! Later Dave the wish I was already there no
guarantee Wave.