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Phylise Banner Klein

Hello all. Lurker here.

It has been am aphilicious week -- with everyone on campus stopping by
to ask me if I saw the article in the NYTimes about the amphi sale.
Thanks so much, John, for putting things in perspective for the poor
folks that don't know what it feels like when your wheels lift up and
the props take over.

A momentous occasion for me yesterday, when boat and car registration
and title were transferred to me from my father, who has owned 5
Amphicars since 1962. I've never known life without one (born in '62).
After almost 10 years of maintaining and enjoying her on my own, she's

Even better than buying one at auction. My baby (she's always been my
baby) is now mine! Maybe now I won't be such a lurker!

Best to you all and keep afloat,


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Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not
fish they are after.

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