Mike Israels white with red was/is my dream car

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victor brown

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I just remembered ...Thats what i was going to do with the Kings car.... because its a Swiss Bodensee i was going to do the interior more white with the red cross.. just like swiss flags red top and trim .. But Hugh talked me out of it he was going to restore the Kings car and he said it had to be original factory concours documented rest.....


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Thanks. When I first got my amphi it was a hot mess. Lips were literally formed from Bondo!

Dave the wave did an amazing job with the restoration but many others played a part as I collected parts from Gord, Hugh, Tommy in Tampa provided the red top, and others.

I spent many hours at the paint store before deciding on color. I was more interested in period correct than factory correct. I have the paint code somewhere but it is actually a Peugeot color from the mid sixties. I think Dave may have since used the same color for others.

When I started I was originally just going to have the rear quarters redone. Glad that I went all in and did the whole car.