Midwest Amphicar Delivers!

Mike in N.H.

New Member
My latest Amphi just arrived home after a much needed visit to Midwest Amphicar in Mendota IL. I cant say enough good things about the quality, fit, and attention to detail that went into the metal work in this car. I was always impressed by the quarter panels and trays that Dave manufactures but I was afraid my local body guy wouldnt know about all the tricks one must know to in order to really get an Amphi "right". Sending the car to Dave was one of my better decisions in life. The car looks factory correct at close inspection. I cant find anything that could have been done better.My bodyshop friends around here who saw it before and after are sure its a different car (its not). Dave was in close contact with me during the process so there were no surprises when the bill came, The Amphicar community is fortunate to have an honest craftsman like Dave to go to.


I had him do some work on my transmission. I was there when he took it apart. Wow, very impressive with his knowledge with these things too. Midwest Amphicar is also fun to tour!!! It got me motivated with my amphi project.