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    Its been a half year since this was
    mentioned and having learned the hard
    way... I thought I'd remind all and
    inform the newly amphibious hord about
    Amphipoda's 9th commandment:

    "Thou shalt halt thy rear wheels BEFORE
    engaging thy propellers."

    Reason being is the water transmission
    will powder itself if the rear wheels
    are spinning, even a little spin will
    shear gear teeth when trying to engage
    the propellers. Repairs costs can
    range from a few hundred to a few
    thousand dollars. The labor involved
    can also be rather extensive.

    Simple "rule of fin" - whenever
    you reach for the propeller level,
    always have your foot on the brakes!
    This includes props forward or reverse.

    Brought to by the Amphibious Preservation
    Society and...

    '64 Turquoise
    San Diego

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