Merry Christmas


David Derer

Not yet Christmas and the gifts are rolling and floating in. Big plans
for 2005. Including distant trips, buildings , floating trailers and
Swim Ins. Merry Christmas to all. God Bless to all, Dave The Wave

David Derer

I watched the dvd from Lake of the Ozarks swim. This group has helped
make My life so unbelievably good. So many adventures. So many nice
friends and so many rowdy ones that make it all worth while. Saying that
I have been blessed just sounds so small. Have a great Christmas and a
great Winter Solstice. Plans- Man o man just like the 'ol man, do We
have plans. Looks like there just might be two Lake of the Ozarks swim.
One about two weeks after Celina. On season- means wow!! Details when I
get 'em. Any one need a Mazda rx7, 69 elcamino, 71 280sl? Thanks for
the really great Year Dave the Wave.

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