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Hi All,

I have merged the messages from the "Yahoogroup Archive" back into the main forum area. This was done for several reasons including:

1) Simplifying search.
2) Enabling users to post replies to even those old messages from way back to the year 2000. Until now, messages in the "archive" area were closed to further discussion.

Originally the archive area was created to ease transition from the Yahoogroup. Given that we are now two complete system iterations beyond that, it makes sense to bring it all together.

Just for historical perspective. The first iteration of this forum was on Listbox. Unfortunately, when that service folded way back when, those original messages were lost along with it.



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Thanks for all your work on this Forum! You mentioned the old Listbox messages.....I have the old original messages back to the beginning. If you would like them so that they can be added, let me know and I can get them to you. I'm not sure what type of format would be required to bring them into this new Forum - what I have is the actual email from the server for each day (each email actually has multiple posts). That may not work for you.

Let me know if you think they'd work.
Marc Schlemmer.


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That would be great. What format are they in? Drop me an email


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