David Derer

Nearly finishing an original owners car. I was cleaning the ash tray. I
pulled out a pile of Bazooka Gum wrappers. After cleaning other stuff
out and polishing chrome I put the wrappers back in. Last tag on car was
1984. Almost 18 years ago. Owners son came out last year to look at car.
He was probably about 10 or 11 when car was parked. I could just imagine
him putting piece after piece of gum in as his Dad cruised the Amphi in
the Illinois River. I am so thankful of the memory's I have been able to
create with my sons. It is hard for me to watch the boys get older.
Knowing of the crap they will have to deal with. Hopefully because of
the Amphi they will have good memorys of how life should be when times
get tough for them. The years go by so damn quick. Of course the other
choice is no good either. Hey Amphipoda where the heck is the glossy
3x5's from Celina? Hey Al Heath what is happening in Texas? Hey what
happened with Victor on east coast? Where the heck was the Amphizene in
Celina? Why do guys in Spain want to sell me Amphis? Where can I find
April Storms? One more beer then I will call it a night. Later Dave the