Al Heath

Hey Dave,

Not much happening here in Texas. Drove my Amphi to work three times this
week hoping for a "lunch on the lake", but schedule just didn't allow that
to work out as much as I had hoped. I think Debra drove her's only once
this past week, however, she was stopped for a light when a stranger in a
car pulls up beside her, hands Debra a picture they took of us with 2
amphi's in the 4th of July parade, talks for a bit, then drives on as the
light turns green. Don't know who they were.... Wierd, huh. Amphi #4 is
still sitting on the trailer since end of August and the van full of her
parts. Been busy traveling all across the country ... Pa, Co, NM to get
any "fun" work done. And to boot, with the FAA restrictions on the
"enhanced" class B airspace, it takes a little more work getting plane off
the back yard runway as I'm under the DFW airspace. Speaking of which, as
for get together locations, DFW is somewhat center east-west wise, south of
center but for a fall or spring season get together, is great weather.
There's at least 5 swimming cars in the area and with major international
airport, wide variety of hotels, area attractions, and quite a few medium
lakes about the size of Celina great for cruising, this could be a good
spot for a get together if people would actually show up. Now that I think
about it, even with that Yankee cold front that blew in dropping us to
about 70, its a great day for a swim. Bye...

Al Heath

Dave Derer

Looking at Rockford Registers Sunday front page- big color picture of My
and three other Amphicars. Front page news, much bigger than Cher's
picture! I had a blast doing Fridays live remote. We all got a lot of TV
time. I want to see Ottawa times article. He was the one who was helping
bilge the sinking car, then I gave him a ride back via river after some
bar time. You use your imagination. Becky was upset that Christine did
not mention Black Hawks Lodge, I hope to give her a spanking to help
correct her mistake :) :) :) :) :) !!!!!!! Later Dave the Wave


Thanks so much to the board for their idea to tape Celina 03. What a
great job. Jim and I dropped everything and watched it completely when
it arrived. We showed it to our unbeliever friends and our employees
who wonder where we disappear to in July. Gotta say we had a hugely
successful author signing this weekend and finally have the 2nd store
on track. Molly is packed into the pole barn, surrounded by books that
need sorting. (Big batch of old Fantasy & Sci Fi we just picked up.) So
she and I will be spending lots of time together this winter, talking
about warmer weather. The Corvette is off-site because of too many
books in the barn. Everyone told us a 30 X 40 was going to be too
small. Who Knew?
Great Video. Gloria

Thank You
James & Gloria Tiller

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