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----Mike Dixon wrote-----
I tried to log onto the site, I think im a club member
maybe ive forgot my password. how do I find out?

A quick check of my Membership database shows that you are not a member.
The International Amphicar Owners Club has 290 members...worldwide...and is
without doubt, the place that an Amphicar enthusiast needs to be!
- find out how to join at We'd be glad to have you!
Then, you too, can view the Bilgemaster's translation that everyone is
talking about!

Marc Schlemmer
President, International Amphicar Owners Club.

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I tried last month to renew online and the pay pall thing would not work for me. Tried again last week, still no good. Down loaded the form today to do it the old fashioned way. Oh by the way the form has the old address on it so remember to send it to the right place.
Tim Wick
snowy in Wisconsin

Ina & Bob Cabanas

Re: Re: membership

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<font size="4">This is just a suggestion but has the club thought of renewing dues for a 2 year stretch instead of annually? I hope I'm not opening up a can of worms but it seems like it would be less stess & paperwork for the people collecting & collating the membership list. I'm not suggesting changing the dues. It's a thought.</font>
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<font size="4">Ina in the Boro</font>
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Regarding membership renewal reminders ? I believe the last two 2005
newsletter issues did remind members and a bright orange neon renewal
form with self addressed envelope was also provided. Come 2006 we
opted not to send another reminder since the website "members only"
section had a change in passwords thereby removing some incentive for
renewing for those "slow movers." Also we're making great strides in
saving the club money to be better spent on 2006 paid members. I
periodically post reminders here on the Yahoo forum, much to the
chagrin of some and have even been lovingly called a "nag." I'm not
sure what more I can do or could have done, but I appreciate your
Regarding the roster (also know as the member listing) ? Since the
2006 version will include both 2005 & 2006 members (but will only be
sent to 2006 paid members) it will be rather massive, nearly 380
members. Just like last year it will be listed alphabetically by
last name, then first name, the address, phone number and email. I
believe your suggestion has good merit, the ability to see regional
members at a glance, and I will therefore add a separate column for
State. This will save the added expense of additional pages and
provide an easier method for searching members in your area. So when
you peruse the roster simply take an orange highlighter to all the
fine finned friends in your fine state. I hope this is an adequate
compromise for you mate. I try very hard to accommodate all club
members and at the same time need to balance actions by taking into
account the financials, international universal benefit, and what the
next IAOC prez & board will inherit. Thanks again for your
suggestions Vic.

John Edelstein
Prez of the IAOC

--- In, nelson625@a... wrote:
> John -
> I have suggested in the past that if the Newsletter Editor ( and
> the Roster Editor) make a timely plea in advance (ideally in the
last two issues
> of the year ending) notifying members to renew by such and such a
date such
> as by JANUARY 15TH, they will be included in the next year's
Roster. Otherwise,
> they will miss out on this worthwhile listing. Such an incentive
will induce
> a significant percentage of the slow movers to get it in the mail
to you.
> Also, since computers can make this so easy, I personally feel that
having a
> simple list alphabetically by states appended to the end of the
roster ( the
> State list needs only have the member's name ) this is very useful
in helping
> members see who is close to them geographically. This was done once
or twice in
> the past and was well received. In other words, using a heading
> and then alphabetically listing those members, then ALASKA, then
> etc. Vic Nelson


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