Members Only Maint. Manual - Interiors - Radio wanted


Cap''n John

After a marathon eve of uploading the whole Maint. Manual (pics and
HTML) it is up and running again since the server barfed
it out of existence. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Started on doing the interior this past wekend. Removing the old
(still nice) interior and replacing it with a set I got from Dave
Derer. The quality of his interior is lost in the small pics on his
site. The quality is superior with the use of marine grade materials
and the laser straight seams. If ya need a new interior, give Dave a
call. It comes with everything from the door panels, all seats, rear
seat panels.

I kept the original interior as it has only a couple of minor tears.
It would maybe make a nice replacement for a original car with a
trashed interior. Orig. door panels were toast, though.

If anyone has an Amphicar radio (working or not) that they would be
interesting in parting with (reasonabe cost), please let me know.
Joel? After all the efforts I am putting into this car to make it as
close to original, a radio would be a nice touch. The real tunes will
be hidden either in the glove box or a custom under dash mount may
hold it. The CD changer will go in the trunk next to the fuel tank.
Speaker locations are undecided just yet.


OBTW - a link for the esteemed Bilgemiester,