Member in need....


Marc Schlemmer

I just received a phone call from Agnes Behnke. She asked me to post a
message on the Digest asking for prayers for Steve. He is currently in the
hospital, and it is quite serious. Starting just over a month ago, he was
feeling tired and not quite right. Doctors and experts were trying to
figure out what was wrong, and now they know. He has an advanced Lymphoma,
and is starting a radical chemotherapy treatment. Steve has been in the
hospital since January 4, and is currently on a breathing tube. Outlook at
this time is not good, but after this first round of treatment, the doctors
will know more.
You can imagine that this is a difficult time for their entire family....but
Agnes really seemed to be handling it as well as could be expected. She
said that the girls have really been the key...Nicole is always anxious to
visit her Dad each day after school, and Abbie is with Agnes all day long.
If you've had the chance to meet Abbie, you know that she always has a huge
smile for her Mom whenever she needs it!
At this time, Steve really needs our do Agnes, Nicole and
Abbie. She promised to keep me posted, and I will keep the Digest updated
as information comes in.
Steve is a good man, and a fine amphibian....he need our prayers.

Thank you,
Marc Schlemmer.

Steven and Agnes Behnke
901 Henry Street
Kaukauna, Wisconsin 54130