Meeting Fellow Amphibians


Mike Israel

Hi All,

Just got back from Tampa on a business trip. While there I had the chance to
visit with Tommy, his wife, his cats, and his Amphicars. The white Amphi was
just about ready for Mt. Dora and I am sure it will look great with that very
RED new top.

Despite running the list, I have only had a chance to meet a handful of fellow
amphibians. Each time I do it simply confirms what I have often heard hear
about the amazing hospitality that owners extend to each other. Despite his
busy schedule, and trying to get the car ready for Mt. Dora, Tommy and his wife
found time to take me for a cruise around a rather spectacular Florida lake. It
is always fun to ride in another Amphi as you walk away with a dozen ideas for
things to fix up your own.

Of course no Amphi ride is a true success without some level of adventure. Lets
just say that it is a good thing that Tommy does not have the large style rubber
bilge plug. The bilge pumps (both of them) enabled us to return to shore.
Still, as I left his place a few hours later, Tommy was still mumbling, "I
forgot to put the bilge plug in".

Earlier that same week I had the pleasure of meeting Gord Souter who stopped by
my place en route from Canada to Mt. Dora with some parts I had ordered from
him. Gord has acquired a large supply of NOS and used parts many of which he is
selling at some very good prices. Lets just say I purchased enough stuff that I
will need to be really nice to my wife for a while to come. Gord also has some
beautifully made interior kits at some of the best prices I have seen. Yes, I
bought one of those too.

Gord's visit also provided some Amphi adventures. This time they occurred on
land. It seems that the very nice Amphi that he was towing really wanted to go
for a swim and had thus started bending the trailer's tongue in an effort to
escape. We tried straightening it only to crack the aluminum weld.
Unfortunately it was too late to get hold of a welding shop. Now I did learn
that Gord builds boats, airplanes, and just about anything else so this was not
the show-stopper it might have been for others. A trip to Home Depot turned up
some angle iron and lag bolts. A couple of hours later the trailer was probably
stronger than ever and they headed back down the road. I will await a report
from Mt. Dora to hear if they actually made it.

Anyway, all of this has really inspired me to try to get to Celina this year.
Tommy had a great idea for loading the Amphi right into the back of a Ryder
truck. With any luck I will be able to meet the rest of the crew this Summer.

Best Regards,

Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
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