media sand blasting Mt Dora project Amphi


Dave Derer

I now take cars to a plastic media blaster. Its worth the 50 mile
drive. No caustic, exspensive, killer paint removers. No hours of
sanding. No big dust and crud pile. Very little sand blasting. He does
exterior panels with no warping. Time is now to upgrade your compressor,
the closer to 18+ cfm the better your shop days will be.
New Years Eve day I was happily cruising the river, in a wink it is ice
covered. Yesterday -8 with high winds. Mt. Dora is a wonderful treat.
The wooden boats truly works of art. Going down there is like getting
two Springs in one year. Fingers are crossed, trucker should arrive next
day or so. Retiree drove his Amphi project in barn 15 years ago. And now
pushed it out for pick up. Maybe someone in Mt Dora area needs a major
project Amphi? Hmmmmm. Later Dave the Wave

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