mechanical a holes


David Derer

Lake Geneva is always a good time. But it rained. Boat folk were all
gloomy then we pulled up. Wooden boat people dont like to get thier
boats wet. So ramp got clogged. We took off via water BW2 ran perfect
till its one carb flooded . Fouled plugs and back fire broke muffler. We
did get it back to camp. After dinner Cigar Guy and company came over to
motorhome and watched amphi car tapes till cops threw him out of park.
Next day batteries dead and carb float stuck. Get it started and trailer
brakes stick. Ten miles later motor home brake sticks. We get it all
home and fuel line for generator splits.which if it happened on road
coach would have burned to ground. Sometimes it better just to stay
home!! Later Dave the Wave