Me again! Starter problem...



Hi everyone. Thanks for the help regarding my negative ground
conversion. I have my car again (with electronic ignition too) and
am preparing to rewire the bilge pump (just reverse the two wires,
correct?). I plan to also send John Friese my fuel gage for
rewiring following the Celina event.

However, I now have a new problem. Unless I get it fixed, I'll be
hesitant to enter the water.

I've been trying to put a lot of time on it before Celina and
noticed earlier today it seemed like the battery was failing during
one of the starts. It caught right away though, and I went to my
next stop. At that location I turned the key on, waited 60 seconds,
pressed the override button and the blower did not stop. This
happened for about 5 minutes. FINALLY I thought to hold the
override button AND turn the key. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK like a dead
battery. After hooking jumper cables to it, the same thing
happened: CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. I then thought to try the round
button under the coil (override starter switch?) and with the car in
neutral it finally started.

Once home in my garage, I turned it off and tried to start it
again. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. So I again put the car in neutral,
went around back and pushed the round button under the coil
(override starter switch). Now I noticed the end of the starter
whirring (the armature was turning), but it wouldn't catch. Almost
as if the bendix wasn't engaging. Seems odd that this should happen
within 50 miles of driving after the conversion.

Before I buy a battery, any thoughts?
How do I verify whether the generator is functioning?
Anything else I should check?

Thank you.
Richard LeBlanc
Green 1967