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Hi all,

I have take a number of these classes. They are well done, inexpensive, and very much hands-on. If you stay in the dorms you do get a private room, the food is excellent, and they have activities every night such as driving a model-T, visiting private auto collections, etc. Ed Barr now teaches the metal classes, he knows his stuff and has written some really good books on the subject. Garrick Greene's paint class is very highly rated. I think of it as summer camp for car geeks.

I have no affiliation other than having taken some of these workshops in the past. Note there is usually a discount available for Hagerty Plus members. The more popular classes do fill up fast.

Auto Restoration Institute

2014 Sessions
June 9-13
June 16-20
June 23-27

Session Fee: $650 per class
Housing: $225
Full Meal Plan: $125 (14 meals)
Lunches Only: $45 (5 meals)

Institute FAQ


Brian Martin

Learn auto restoration skills in convenient workshops at the Automotive Restoration Institute. The same expert instructors and top-notch facility that have made McPherson College's Auto Restoration Program famous are available to hobbyists and professionals.

Each workshop concentrates on a specific skill area and is 5 days in length. You learn restoration by doing restoration with hands-on experience.

Enrollment in each workshop is limited (classes are limited to 10 student per instructor) so all participants benefit from personal attention by our expert instructors with ample time on equipment. With this one-on-one approach, no matter what level of skill you have, you will increase your restoration expertise.

Workshops include valuable information on locating tools, materials, and parts. In many cases, you can bring parts from your current restoration project to work on.

Classes offered for 2014:
  • Automotive Electrical Systems by Joe Dickhudt: Learn how to solve those nagging electrical
    problems and hard-starting problems to get your
    vintage auto up and running the way it should.
    Class includes meter reading and automotive
    troubleshooting of ignition systems, charging
    systems, lighting systems and automotive wiring
  • Automotive Paint Restoration by Garrick Green:The theory and practice necessary to successfully
    use and apply modern paint materials. A 3M
    07163 or equiv. full faced respirator is required.
    *Available for purchase on campus*
  • Automotive Woodworking by Garrick Green:
    Includes the identification and construction of
    common automotive wood selection, joinery,
    wooden architecture and finishing (Previous
    woodworking experience strongly suggested).
  • Brightwork and Finishing Touches by Chris Paulsen: Brass, alumninum, stainless restoration and polishing
    techniques will be taught along with copper and nickel plating. Wood graining and pinstriping paint techniques will be covered as well. *Feel free to bring your own parts to restore*
  • Chassis Restoration by Jon Nadeau: Learn about the basic operation of steering,
    suspension, brake systems, and frames. Classes include hands-on teardown and assembly of components on typical American vehicles.
  • Foundrywork: Casting and Pattern Making by Chris Paulsen: Explore and practice sand casting with aluminum and bronze in our own foundry. Learn to prepare original parts for casting and making new patterns.
    *Feel free to bring your own parts to cast*.
  • Sheet Metal Restoration by Ed Barr: Includes – TIG, MIG, and Oxy-acetylene
    welding, use of the English wheel, patch panel
    fabrication, the application of lead body solder,
    dent repair and metal finishing.
  • Upholstery and Trim by Richard Dove: Learn the basics of using an industrial sewing machine. Learn to construct seat covers, door panels, bind carpets and more.

Advanced classes:
  • Advanced Sheetmetal Shaping and Fabrication by Ed Barr: This class is for the serious hobbyist who has already taken sheet metal restoration from Ed Barr. Includes advanced metal shaping, copying
    shapes, advanced TIG welding skills, welding
    multi-piece panels, beading, louvering and buck building.
  • Advanced Paint by Garrick Green: *Tentative*
    Focuses on gun time and the improvement of
    spray technique on small personal projects or
    panels can be provided. Automotive Paint Restoration
    course is a prerequisite.

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* Actual class dates and offering may change due to demand.
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