Master Cylinder Failure


Cap''n John

>>The chance of a total brake failure with that single cylinder
master is enough to be worried about. and now that I think about it,
during a total steering failure, the loose steering bow might take
out the master cylinder or brake lines. This could be more fun!

I'm glad that you mentioned this Rob, I am currently working out a
possible method for converting our single masters to a dual master
cylinders. So far it appears that it might be done without any mods
to the car. (IE - No Drilling or welding) A simple bolt in operation
with existing readilly availble parts. I also have an even more
surprising *POSSIBLE* mod that will surely be a great
safety/driveability addition to any Amphi. It's very complicated so
lots of time is needed. More to come in the months to come .....

My 2nd generation hand controls are only waiting for the UPS guy to
show up with my vacuum pump before they are completed and ready for
the final road test! <fingers crossed>