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A couple of years ago I purchased a new master cylinder at Celina. I understood it was new but not NOS. The brand name is Varga. Just tried to install it and as expected it's about a quarter inch longer in length than the original plus the brake pedal rod engages the piston a quarter inch sooner. So the unit is longer but the piston inside isn't as deep. When dealing with a master cylinder I'd prefer not to experiment. Have others experienced this and have you used it as is. Thanks


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Hi Mike,

I can't talk about the brand name or the extra length of the casting but I can tell you about that push pin issue. The White car I bought from Kentucky arrived with such a situation and the owner had adjusted the pusher pin to compensate for (what I doubt he realized) was the fact that the pin wouldn't go all the way to the bottom of the cup in the master cylinder. I had White Post sleeve, put new seals in the cylinder and installed the unit. It seemed to work fine for a year or so then leaked fluid from that rear seal. I eventually found out that the cylinder was for a Volkswagen and used (if I recall) an 8mm pusher. The Amphicar has a 9mm pin. When you essentially jam the pin into the cylinder it prevents it from twisting a bit and puts slight side forces on the piston and seals so that the seal will fail rather quickly. I sent the cylinder back to White Post with an explanation of what was going on and they were nice enough to rebuild the cylinder again and replace the pusher cup with a 9mm unit at no charge. That fixed it and it has run fine for years.

You might call White Post and see if they will replace that pusher cup to you (they have a lot of spare parts there) or simply write off the experience and sell the cylinder on Ebay as a Volkswagen unit. Then get the correct one from Hugh. I wouldn't try grinding down the push pin, even though that seems like it should work because the curvature of the end of the pin would be slightly different from what it should be.


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Thanks John,
The one I purchased in Celina was from Gordon's. That's what confused me since their current ad reads that the replacements fit exactly with no modifications needed. I guess the one I bought a year or so ago was prior to them having the ones they offer now. I'll just do as I always have and rebuild my old one using one of their kits.



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I sell the same master Cyl. as Gordon Imports and all we do is exchange the main piston for a Amphicar piston.. Maybe they missed doing that on the one you bought, I would call them and I'm sure they will fix your problem
Do not Grind Down the Amphicar rod to fit the VW piston.
All rods should be adjusted to give a bit of foot clearance on the pedal or the brakes will drag, heat up and lock the wheels.
BTW.. mine are $100.oo ready to go and painted.
I do have a couple of NOS ones left in stock.. more $

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