market value


David Derer

I am dumbfounded at the lack of real interest in the Amphi I had on
eBay (it got over 3100+ hits 1st time and 2800+ 2nd time).
I think part of the problem is that after shopping the realization is it
will cost 25-35 grand (or more) to own a dependable, welded, chromed ,
upholstered and painted properly Amphi. Now the ones that can afford
that don't want a project. The ones looking at lower end cars are the
basic hard core working Americans. They see and read about lay offs. I
would guess 500 or so individuals looked at car and they are the ones
that decide market value. Did market peak prior to 9-11, probably on
fixer uppers. Market is still strong and climbing for nicely finished
Amphis. Midwest Amphicar has had more calls wanting done cars, or cars
that can be done by Spring than last year at this time. I think some
peoples goals were to retire early and then "live" putting in big hours
and time away from family and home. 9-11 woke up a lot of people that
tomorrow is not guaranteed. What a great time on river Saturday. My
customer a "mad man" . We drove to river trouble free. The river is very
high and very swift. Winds were causing lots of choppy waves. I figured
he would cruise in and immediately turn around and check for leaks etc.
Nope full out he cruises down river. My stomache was in knots. All the
what ifs fill my mind. Plus I am in Erics car which has not been trouble
free this year. All went well with car pulling out dry as Amphipodas
diaper. Later Dave the Wave