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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Mike Israel, Aug 1, 2001.

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    It was very disheartening to hear about Eric's Marine
    light. Since I was not at Celina I do not know how or
    where cars were parked but perhaps someone will recall
    seeing somebody "working" on that particular vehicle.

    While it is a sad statement on society, do keep in
    mind that the perpetrator does not represent the
    typical Amphi owner. For every action such as this I
    can think of many more folks coming to the aid of
    other owners or just doing the right thing. Some

    1) When my car came back from East Coast Amphi I
    noticed that the light pole was missing. Billy Syx
    looked all over his shop and could not locate it.
    Presumably someone had taken it as a souvenier. A few
    days later a new light pole arrived at my house from
    Gordon Imports. Bill simply took it upon himself to
    replace it on his own.

    2) When I was having trouble removing my steering
    wheel, Mike Echeman promptly mailed me his wheel

    3) A few years ago, when the list was hosted on a
    service that had a significant annual fee, I asked for
    contributions to help keep the list alive. Within a
    week I had a mailbox full of donations.

    The person that pulled this heist should indeed be
    keelhualed at next years convention. I can tell you
    that, if identified, the perpetrator shall be added to
    the banned members of the list.

    Still, we should not fall victim to reductionist
    reasoning, whereby this person comes to represent the
    typical Ampicar owner. Indeed, most car shows I have
    participated in hand exhibitors a lengthy disclaimer
    of liability. The fact that Bill, and I presume other
    board members, are offering to replace the light if
    not returned truly speaks to the integrity of the club
    and the average owner.

    Mike Israel
    65 Amphi (white)
    List/Digest Admin


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