Manuals on Cds and such



OK, I am to pickup the CD labels tomorrow. Anyone waiting, will have
one soon.

I prefer to patronize the local Mom-n-Pop places 1st, I am looking
into a local printer to have another run of the paper maintenance
manuals printed. The parts manual (and maybe another run of the
electrical too) will also be available in print soon. All
professionally done, top quality materials. Spiral bound (or similar)
to lie flat. These are designed to be used and abused! Stay tuned...

I love this hobby, I have another idea in the works. A couple of
Amphicar friends have mentioned some ideas. (Thanks!) So I'm
investigating. We all win. (or is it "Fin?")

Thanks for being the not so "usual" club!

John "Printshop" Bevins

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