Manifesto (repost from May of 2001)



I've been out of touch lately, my apologies.
Busier than a baby beaver in a toothpick factory
with home improvement bits... while poor Amphi
just sits waiting to play. So far 2004 has not
been as wet as we want. There is still hope some
swimming and original postings may yet occur,
but until then please enjoy this old rant;

The Amphipoda Manifesto

The thing we call "Amphi" is not like anything that society is
used to thinking about. Amphi is something like a machine,
and something like physics, and something like an animal,
and something like thought, and art, and a religion. But Amphi
is not exactly any of those things. Amphi is, however, most like
a lifestyle with inherent ambiguities, with different definitions,
different assumptions, and different levels of meaning that some-
times conflict. In all honestly, Amphi doesn't translate well in
terms of societal norms and is often misrepresented in literature.
For decades scholars have struggled with the concepts of Amphi
and how these concepts have manifested themselves into the
lives of those who have intertwined the "Amphi way" into an
essential part of their very being. Here I will attempt to clarify
where my predecessors have failed.

Take away from human culture all art, all science, all creativity,
and all reason, we are left with but mere instinct. Instinctively,
and by the very nature of the human species, we revert to the
basic essentials of existence. At a minimum shelter, food, and
water are needed to sustain life. However these primitive life-
sustaining items are beyond our grasp without one key ingredient -
mobility. Arguably the most important part of human adaptability
is mobility. It is with mobility that the essentials of life are
obtained, nurtured, and passed on to future generations. The greater
the mobility - the greater the access to life. Amphi is the
quintessential pillar of mobility. Such mobility is to be cherished.

From a purely philosophical standpoint Amphi is both religion and
science in its purest form. A product of creation and evolution that
embodies ancient traditions and technological breakthroughs from
humankind's greatest eras. Amphi represents the fulfillment of
human destiny in a capacity unsurpassed by tangible inventions
and can only adequately be compared to ideals and perfect concepts.
Through the test of time Amphi has remained somewhat of an enigma,
but Amphi is also kept timeless with the devoted following of loyal
supporters. These followers of the Amphi way are in themselves
extensions of Amphi and though their embodiment, in heart and mind,
the Amphi will continue to flourish.

Be well, swim safe.
Swim more in 2004!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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